Birth Control Methods | Different types & procedures

With the increase in development in modern science, there are a number of options that could be used as birth control methods. But when you want to choose one for yourself, many questions come to your mind such as, how effective is this method? What about its convenience and cost factor? Is it safe for a longer period of time? And so on. Here I am listing some main birth control methods which would help you to choose one for yourself.

  • Fertility awareness: When you planning to avoid pregnancy, you need to first focus on your fertility chart. Knowing those highly fertile days of your monthly period cycle and avoiding lovemaking during this time is the best way to prevent pregnancy.
  • Using spermicide: Spermicide is the chemical that kills sperm and it comes in foam, jelly, cream or as a film that is placed inside the vagina before having lovemaking time. Spermicides are usually used along with other birth control methods.
  • Male condom:  The latex male condom is widely used as a barrier method to avoid pregnancy. It prevents sperms from entering a woman’s body. It is also found to be a very effective method in controlling STDs.
  • Female condom: The female condom is a thin plastic pouch that is used as a lining in the vagina and should be put around 8 hours before intimation. It is found to be less effective than the male condom and hence not widely used.
  • Diaphragm: The diaphragm is a rubber like dome which is placed over the cervix before Lovemaking. It is mainly used with spermicide.
  • Cervical cap: Cervical cap is similar to the diaphragm but smaller in size. The cap is placed over the cervix which blocks the entry into the uterus. This is also used along with spermicide.
  • Birth control pills: The most common type of birth control pills contain hormones like estrogen and progestin to prevent ovulation. This is taken under medical supervision as when used properly on the schedule is found to be the most effective method of birth control.
  • Vagina ring: Vagina ring is a soft plastic ring, worn inside the vagina. The ring releases the same hormones as the pill and is found to be effective. But this needs to be replaced once a month.
  • Birth control shot: The birth control shots are the hormonal injections that are given to prevent pregnancy for almost three months. It is also one of the most effective methods and is widely used by couples.
  • IUD: IUD refers to an Intrauterine device which is a T-shaped piece of plastic placed inside the uterus by the doctor. The copper IUD works for almost 10 years whereas a hormonal IUD must be replaced after every 5 years. But both are found to be effective in preventing sperm entry.
  • Vasectomy: Vasectomy is another only option available for men other than the male condom. This procedure involves surgical closing of the tubes that carry sperm from the testes through the reproductive system. This prevents the release of sperm and its entry into the female body.
  • Emergency contraception: Emergency contraception is used after having lovemaking to prevent pregnancy. This is the best option when you have not taken any precautions or birth control measures before lovemaking.

But remember even after taking precautions many women have conceived, hence it is the best advice to talk to your gynecologist before opting for any of these birth control measures.

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