Share your Beauty Pictures / Videos and get a Chance to Win Branded Makeup products worth INR.5000 (Contest is open worldwide)

Chance to Win amazing Branded Makeup Contest

  1. Participants have to share Picture/s and video/s at Website to be eligible for the contest.
  2. The age of the contestant should be above 18 years.
  3. Duration: 21st Feb 2022 to 30th April 2022.
  4. Winning prize worth will be in Indian Currency i.e INR.
  5. In Bikini or underwear and nude body picture/s and video/s are not allowed.
  6. Body and face paint pictures and videos are not allowed.
  7. The pictures or videos you provide for Contest should be yours only.
  8. The contestants have to register with the Mehendi Gallery website to apply and get eligible for the contest.
  9. Winning prize product/s price will be upto INR.5000 maximum only.
  10. The contestants can provide multiple Pictures/videos in single registration to qualify for the contest.
  11. Pictures or videos should be Latest means not before 365 days.
  12. No internet pictures/videos are allowed.
  13. The winner will be selected by the Company based on its own judgment procedure. No one claim for winning.
  14. Once the winner is declared and contacted to provide the relevant document for verification then the winner has to provide all within 7 days from the date of Intimation.
  15. The contestant has to provide valid and authentic Contact information means Email id and Contact number
  16. No one has the right to challenge the decision on the process, winner selection and on the winner.
  17. Any cost incurred for participation in this contest is 100% owned by the contestant only means Mehendi Gallery / EDGMA won’t pay any money.
  18. The winner will be asked to provide Identity Proof and Address proof.
  19. Identity proof and address proof should be of the person who has won the contest.
  20. If Delivery of the winning product is not possible by our courier partner then the winner has to personally visit our office to collect the same.
  21. In the case when the winner has to collect the winning prize from the office:
  22. He/She has to carry the identity proof and Address proof in original as proof.
  23. All / Any cost for Fooding, lodging and travel to collect the prize should be born/paid / to be paid by the Winner only that means Mehendi Gallery / EDGMA won’t pay any amount/money.
  24. Mehendi Gallery / EDGMA has the full right to discard any winner failing to provide satisfactory Identity Proof and Address Proof without any notice or reason provided.
  25. In case of the current winner is dropped then within 30 days a new winner will be declared.
  26. In Case Contestants are not able to upload the pictures/video then they can connect to us via the Contact us page.
  27. In case Contestants are not able to upload the pictures/video then EDGMA/Mehendi gallery is not liable to provide any assistance beyond its reach.
  28. The contestants will be dropped/removed from the contest based on violation of any/all policy and terms and conditions.
  29. EDGMA / Mehendi Gallery has the right to modify any rule, Terms and conditions, and policy during and after the contest period without any prior intimation.

Join this Mehendi.Gallery contest and share the Original beautiful mehendi design with us.

General conditions for this contest:

  1. Users registered through Facebook or Gmail are also eligible for this contest.
  2. Images which is more than the pixel size of 300 x 500 px or 500 x 300 px are allowed in the contest. Image size lesser than specified image will be disqualified.
  3. All the pictures/videos should be original.
  4. EDGMA / has sole right to disqualify any image or user or video in this contest.
  5. Dis-qualification can be done without any prioir notice to user. It is upto company to allow the user to participate or not and user / participants has no right to challenge the decision.
  6. If anyone has any objection with this contest should leave immediately.
  7. By uploading /sharing the images and videos successfully through mail or on website of mehendi gallery, user allowed and given the full right to EDGMA and Mehendi gallery to use them for any and every kind of online, offline, print, TV, digital, social media promotions.
  8. The shared image/picture shall be considered as the property of the / EDGMA.
  9. Since uploaded on the website user has no right to ask to put it down or remove it during the contest and after the contest.
  10. If any user is found in any illegal activity / rule breaching then his/her account will be freezed. He/she will not be allowed to participate in the contest and may also lead to block his/her account permanently by the
  11. EDGMA / Mehendi gallery has no obligation to safegaurd the images / videos shared with us. Thus, contestants are advised to enter this contest on its own risk.
  12. no Bot/machine logic/tool is allowed to increase the