How to make mehendi cone at home

Tips to make the Mehendi cone at home. Find very easy steps through diagrams to make cone at home.

Requirements to make cones at home are:

1. Thick Cellophane Paper

2. Scissors

3. Tape

4. Rubber Band


1. Cut the paper into 6 X 7 inch rectangles, and start making the cone. Secure the cone by taping the free edge of the cone.

2. Fill the 3/4th of the cone with mehendi paste. Twist the open end of the cone, and tie it up with a rubber band.

mehendi cone process

If the opening of the tip is closed or too small, snip a small opening at the tip to allow a smooth flow of the henna paste. The opening should be no larger than a pinhole. It is best to begin with a finer hole and then adjust it according to your needs. Once you have followed the process carefully then you would get the perfect cone for the mehendi at home.

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