Skipping Breakfast: Healthy or Harmful

Every individual in this world wants to lead a healthy life. Whatever the social status or economic status of an individual is, his main basis of health is food. People not only want to be healthy but they want to remain fit and slim too. Especially women, they just want a Zero Size Figure and they are ready to do anything, they are always ready to go to the gym and they even skip their meals. People are mistaken when they skip their meals and call it dieting.

To be healthy, fit and slim skipping your meal, especially Breakfast is not any solution. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it’s not your fault also. We understand the hectic schedule starts from the morning itself and not to get late, we prefer to skip our breakfast and leave for your work. Isn’t it? 

Skipping Breakfast can really be harmful to your physical and mental health. How skipping breakfast is harmful, let’s read-

1. ENERGY LEVELS– If you struggle with a lack of energy or frequent energy slumps mid-morning, you may be causing this condition by skipping breakfast. There are chances that you may faint, if you skip your breakfast

2. WEIGHT MAINTENANCE– Eating breakfast may be an effective component of weight-loss. People who eat breakfast tend to take in fewer calories in a day than those who do not eat food during breakfast time. People who do not eat breakfast tend to eat more sugary or high-fat foods, overeat in the evening and are more likely to be overweight. After a long time of fasting when you finally eat, it stores food as fat.

3. HEART PROBLEMS– Skipping breakfast may lead to heart-related diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure or even causes diabetes. The timing of meals, whether it’s missing a meal in the morning or eating a meal very late at night, may cause adverse metabolic effects that lead to coronary heart disease.

4. MENTAL ILLNESS– People may fall ill and may become weak if they do not eat their breakfast. Skipping breakfast directly affects the functioning of the Brain. Not eating breakfast may affect your memory power.

5. HEALTH ISSUES- If you skip breakfast, you may be lacking essential nutrients. Breakfast skippers tend to be deficient in minerals such as calcium, in addition to not getting enough fruits and vegetables that provide important vitamins. It is a true fact that people who eat breakfast in the morning at a proper fixed time, get more important nutrients, vitamins and minerals than those who don’t eat in the morning.

6. MENSTRUAL IRREGULARITIES– Skipping breakfast is a common habit these days among college-going students. It is known that these dysfunctions included the severity of painful menses and irregular menstrual bleeds. Constipation is also one of the side effects caused by skipping Breakfast.

Moreover, it’s still a question these days, is skipping breakfast healthy? It’s a myth spread around with no basic reason why to skip your breakfast. Hence the question is whether to skip or not but it’s not whether to have breakfast or not. In other words, skipping breakfast could be harmful but having your first meal of the day can really not be harmful but yes avoid heavy i.e. oily breakfast. You should prefer to have cereals, oats, fruits, juice and milk in the morning. It’s clear that Skipping Breakfast just to lose weight does not solve anything but definitely invites multiple problems! 

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