Tips to remove Holi color quick without damaging the skin

Holi – Festival of color and Joy. In India, this is celebrated in the month between Feb and March every year. People celebrate holi by applying colors to each other and enjoying this day. Some people especially youngers sometime go extreme to play holi with bad color which is adulterated with glass pieces or hazardous chemicals. Due to this when applied such colors it may result in itching, burning or to the extent that it causes eye infections. We have seen people in the hyper state also applied inside of mouths of people. thus they also sometimes consume it. People apply these colors on the face and body and to remove them faster some do wrong things and thus it may cause skin damage. Hence, we here try to bring some Tips to remove Holi color quickly without damaging the skin. They are not 100% guaranteed but if tried they can be useful. They are:

Before playing Holi, Try to apply greasy cream if possible hence it will help you to reduce the 1st 2-3 impacts of hard colors. Also, keep a small bottle of such greasy cream to apply from time to time to reduce the color effect.

1> Moment color is applied: try to wash your face or body with clean water immediately, this will ease the color effect on the face or body.

2> Close your eyes and mouth: Close your eye and mouth when someone is applying color to you. this will help to reduce eye and stomach issues.

3> Remove color from face: Since colors by nature are hot, hence while removing it try to use only things which are cold. Never use oil or cream or hard soap like washing soaps etc.

4> Paste to remove colors: Try to create a paste of material that has cooler effect. Like using Besan with curd, use curd, used Ice after gentle soap.

5> However you may also apply Coconut water after color washing as it will help to give nourishment to your face.

6>  Apply Chandan paste: If possible then use chandan paste as a face pack after color wash. This will give a soothing effect to your face.

7> Remove color from hair or head: If possible you may also make ready Mehendi (Heena) paste to apply to remove the color from your head. It also nourishes your hair too.

8> Rub gently to your face while removing the colors from your face.

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